“Yandex” has allowed the release in Russia mobile “Yandex.Phone”

The company “Yandex” has received permission for the release in Russia mobile “Yandex.Phone.” This is evidenced by the card in the registry for the cryptographic devices, which leads the Eurasian economic Commission (JAC).

Card, published on 12 Jul, gives permission to import the device in the countries of the Eurasian economic Union. Such authorization should be obtain, and other manufacturers of smartphones and other devices with encryption.

The document says on mobile “Yandex.Phone” model YNDX-000SB under the trademark “Yandex”.

"Yandex" has allowed the release in Russia mobile "Yandex.Phone"

The card also States that the manufacturer of the smartphone is a Swiss legal entity of Yandex –Yandex Services AG. The same company in June received permission to supply smart column “Yandex.Station,” remarked edition

Other details about the device yet, in the “Yandex” card not comment.

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