XBOCT: “TI you are coming from a couple of games here and now, no matter what you did all year”

Coach Natus Vincere Alexander “xboct” Dashkevich told about how the team is working on strategies, the impact of meta and about his career as a player after leaving Na’vi.

About his motivation

“Found myself, not in others. Some people have changed the vision and understanding of what I’m doing, improved it. It is no secret that we were engaged with the psychologist, she also contributed to the funding”.

On purpose

“Of course, to win. For starters, be sure that you will get on The International to begin a productive preparation for this tournament. It does not matter, all that you have done all year, you can win two or three bo3 and be a king. You start from a couple of games here and now, and how you acted before, do not matter”.

About the search strategies

“It’s a mix between a preferences and what’s popular. Strong characters to ignore pointless, but not everyone is able to play at all, so you need to consider the strengths of the players. It’s not always convenient, because sometimes you want to take something special, but due to the limited pool won’t do it. But we are expanding the pool more or less trying.

About the meta

“Very often wrong. But that’s not meta, and let’s say there is a team, she set the pace. Beginning of the peak of a certain character. The rest of the team without preparation started to do the same thing, but without a full understanding of what needs to happen and how this hero to act. All of this problem. There are heroes who are now strong, the same Gyrocopter or Terrorblade, all their “perspicuous”, everyone knows that the hero is strong. To ignore them is not worth it, but if the team doesn’t know how to play with Terrorblade thoroughly, it will be able to play, because it is not all his strengths to use.

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Meta is important, but it is always possible to win anything. If you are comfortable and you know how to counter certain heroes, you take what you want, and all will be”.

About his career after leaving Na’vi

“To be honest, then I played more for fun. I went and offlain, played on obscure characters. Basically, your dose of the game with beginners I received and realized that I no longer need. I went to stream, train and so on. It is very difficult to find a common language with new people, with whom you were not in advance familiar. You don’t know what they are and what is usual in their “still waters”.

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