Will Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen – 3 possible scenarios

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The future of the Iron Man has become even more obscure

Will Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen – 3 possible scenarios. – Image 1

The final of the movie “The Avengers: The War of Infinity” was an open one. The Avengers could not defeat Thanos and faced the consequences that affected not only them and the Earth, but the entire universe. In this article, we will reflect on what impact on the future of Tony Stark will have one of the most important scenes of the “Infinite Wars”.

Will Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen – 3 possible scenarios. – Image 2

In a recent interview for Official Avengers: Infinity War Magazine, actress Gwyneth Paltrow accidentally proppoyleril one of the important moments of the “Avengers 4”. The actress commented on the scene at the beginning of “Infinity Wars“In which Stark told Pepper about his dream, where he dreamed that they have a child. Paltrow said:

Pepper and Tony have come a long way together. She obviously begins as his devoted assistant, then their relationship develops, and after a decade they are married, and they will soon have a child. Their relations developed in all ways, with which all great novels develop.

Accordingly, it can be assumed that at the moment when Dr. Strange called Tony to help, Pepper really wanted to tell Stark that she was pregnant with him. But what does this mean for Iron Man and his future?

In the finale of the “Infinite Wars”, Thanos was able to realize his plan and, using the Infinity Gloves, erased half of the universe. Which of the earthlings survived – it is not known (which countries, which world leaders, what villains). Is Pepper alive? Likely.

After all, her appearance is confirmed in the fourth film. In addition, her words suggest that in the final of the third phase of the movie-room she will have an important role in the film.

Tony Stark and the survivors of the Avengers – Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Thor, Raccoon and James Rhodes (Warrior) – in the continuation of the “War of Infinity” will try to return everything to its proper place. While it is not clear how this will happen. About some popular theories of fans, we already told in a separate material. Here we want to focus on Tony Stark and the important moment of his biography – the possible appearance of a child.

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Everything described above can be another fake from the Rousseau brothers, thrown with the help of Gwyneth Paltrow, since this line is not mentioned in the The recently merged spoilers of the fourth “Avengers”. But we could not ignore such a topic, so we went deep into the theory of the fans. Below are a few of the most interesting ones that we found on the Web.

Will Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen – 3 possible scenarios. – Image 3

One of the most ambitious fan theories was this one. After the incident, the world accused the Avengers of everything. Seven years passed. Humanity has somehow become accustomed to a new way of life. The Avengers got used to the idea that they lost and nothing can be brought back. Most of all evil Falcon eye – his family, for which he remained under house arrest and did not go to the aid of friends, disappeared before his eyes. Clint is furious with the realization that he does not know how to fix it. No one knows.

Tony Stark occupied the niche of Nick Fury, who also disappeared when Thanos used the Infinity Glove. As it was in the comics, he created a new organization-analogue SHIELD, which monitors the security of the planet, expecting possible threats from outside.

In addition, Tony, together with Banner, Shuri and other surviving geniuses, created a special department, trying to find a way to do everything as it was. They are helped in this by Thor and Raccoon – on the orders of Stark, they travel in space, trying to find Thanos or some answers about what can fix the effect of Gloves of Infinity.

Tony does not lose a grip – in his life, despite the loss of Peter Parker’s ward, a new goal has appeared. He and Pepper had a baby.

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Stark understands that he is not eternal, therefore, in addition to solving the problem with Thanos, he also tries to prepare the child for the Iron Man’s legacy.

This could be a good starting point for a new Iron Man, who will no longer be Tony Stark, but his son or daughter. The experience of education in Tony is already there – he replaced Parker’s father and helped him become a real hero. It can be assumed that “Avengers 4” will lay the groundwork for this, and the new Iron Man will appear in the movie room soon, because he still needs to grow up.

Will Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen – 3 possible scenarios. – Picture 4

Dr. Strange told Tony Stark that this was the only option in which they could win. That is, to defeat Thanos, the heroes had to lose first. Strange deliberately kept Tony’s life, because in “Avengers 4” he had a decisive role. But which one? We still do not know at all what will be shown to us in the final film of the third phase of the movie-room.

But one of the most popular theories of fans was the idea that Tony would have to sacrifice himself.

In The War of Infinity, there was a dialogue between Thanos and Stark, where the Titan said that Tony was “cursed with knowledge.” What if he meant that Tony could find a way to repair and reuse the Infinity Glove? When the heroes discover a glove, he, like the person who has the most knowledge about this artifact, will try to use it to bring everything back into place. But only his body will not suffer such a powerful energy. Tony Stark will die, but the universe will live.

And the main drama in this context will be his decision to sacrifice himself, knowing that Pepper and their unborn child are waiting for him on Earth. Tony will perish, knowing that he will never see him, that his son or daughter will repeat his fate and will grow up without a father. It would be symbolic: Stark’s child went the same way as he did.

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And this would be a great ending to the history of the Iron Man in the car-kitted Marvel and the possible introduction of Tony Stark’s successor in the future.

Will Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen - 3 possible scenariosWill Tony Stark have a child in Avengers 4? What does this mean for the movie screen – 3 possible scenarios. – Image 5

What if Tony Stark does not die?

Most theories are built around his heroic death, but why should Tony leave the movie in this way? What if the battle with Thanos became for him that point of no return, when he realized that it’s time to live for the family?

Stark already had experience as a mentor with Peter Parker. Through trial and error, he realized that he would have turned out to be a good father – that’s why Tony is so inspired by the dream in which he and Pepper have a child. What if in the final of “Avengers 4” Tony decides to retire, so that with Potts quietly raise a child?

In the future, he can appear in short cameos, and for some global events the character can draw with CGI. The development of Tony in this scenario is quite a logical finale.

He will get a family – what he dreamed of since the death of his parents. And Stark will try to make sure that his child does not grow up without a father. He will always be there. And because Tony will leave the Avengers behind, as a stage that was once supposed to end in his life.

By the way, in this version, Tony can also become the head of the SHIELD and appear later as rarely as Nick Fury. He will follow the general order on the planet, intervening only in exceptional cases.


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