What smartphones support Android Pay and what to do if it does not work

Android Pay cheerfully kicked off in Ukraine on 1 November. Okay, not so cheerfully: someone is not working, someone is not clear, what for it is necessary in principle, or in the case of an installed Privat24. We have it in your head. This is what you need to know about Android Pay. And how do you pay with your smartphone if it meets all the requirements, but the user for some reason does not work.

What smartphones support Android Pay

To Android Pay earned, a smartphone must meet several criteria:

  • The smartphone has a NFC module
  • The smartphone’s OS is older than Android 4.4
  • The bootloader is not unlocked smartphone
  • On the smartphone is not got root access
  • Installed the original SOFTWARE (firmware) of the manufacturer of the smartphone
  • Installed Android app Pay

In other words, using any smartphone, which will pass this check-list, in theory, can be calculated with the help of Android Pay.

How to find out if the smartphone is NFC

To find out if your smartphone is NFC is the easiest on the box or the user. You can also go to settings and look for the corresponding item in the menu “Wireless & networks. “If you have such an item, depending on the type of” NFC “or” NFC and payment. “In General, look for something like” NFC “or” NFC and payment. “If you have such an item, turn on and use, if not (and the smartphone matches the other items listed above) – most likely, your smartphone does not support NFC.

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What if the smartphone is not NFC

NFC can not be programatically emulate, require support, or beg their parents. Without NFC pay mobile contactless will not work.

Of course, my inner “Petrosyan” joking about the double sided tape and a credit card with PaayPass or PayWave, but do not do this: it’s not glamorous, not secure and Android Pay irrelevant.

What to do if a smartphone old Android (up to 4.4)

Upgrade the OS (check the appropriate item in the settings of the smartphone or a special app from the manufacturer.) Good option – will go to the support center or service center, explaining that you want to update your smartphone in order to support Android Pay.

What to do if the smartphone has an unlocked bootloader, and received the “Ruth” or set to beta or the original firmware (“custom”)

To return to the original firmware, block (if possible) the bootloader to reset the phone to the state in the case received “Ruta”. To lock an unlocked bootloader for sure on the Nexus smartphones from Google, some Motorola – you can find it on the manufacturer’s website, in the support or on specialized forums. If you have no time to deal with this, better contact the service center.

Why are these difficulties, you ask. Well, I think, Ruth, bootloader unlocked, custom my smartphone that I want, I do. And you’re right, your smartphone, but in the case of running Android Pay, Google is responsible for the security of payments to the Bank, and the Bank in front of you. And all of these factors – the potential “hole” in security. It’s as if Iron man went to eat Shawarma in the cafe near the headquarters of the HYDRA without his costume and buddies on comics.

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Your phone complies with all items from the list, Android Pay installed and reports an error card

First, check whether you installed Android Pay as a remedy for payment default. Secondly, Google and its partner for the launch of Android Pay in Ukraine “PrivatBank” to the requirements of the above mentioned HCE Wallet (“Wallet HCE”).

What smartphones support Android Pay and what to do if it does not work

This technology, which is responsible for the emulation of a payment card in the smartphone. In the settings look for NFC submenu “item security”, which will be the number of points. If you select “Use wallet HCE”, select “Use a wallet SIM” (“Use SIM Wallet “). For example the Xiaomi Mi6 only in this way Pay and Privat24.

What are the advantages of Android Pay before Privat24

1. Less repetitive actions. To pay for with the help of Android Pay to only the unlock the smartphone to the Privat24 payment to unlock the phone, start and unlock the app Privat24. In case of bad connection or lack of Internet access (e.g. the subway), the application can run long or not at all.

2. Android Pay Designed for not only for contactless payment but for the calculations “in one tap” online sites and applications that support Android Pay.

3. In the case of Android Pay you are not tied to one. At the time of launch Android Pay in Ukraine, the Bank-partner of a public Privat, but obviously over time this list will grow.

4. In Android Pay you can add discount cards and loyalty cards, they are immediately available when the applications starts. Privat24 this functionality is hidden.

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Is it safe to use Android Pay – suddenly someone will come up with a terminal and remove from your smartphone money, or steal the phone

To pay with the help of Android Pay, you need to unlock the smartphone screen, otherwise nothing happens. Before the launch of Android Pay smartphone PIN, or graphical key fingerprint – even if your smartphone gets out of your control, there’s nothing he can do. Remember, you have a locked bootloader and no root. All doors are closed, the hatches are battened down.

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