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What's in my iPhone - Bobby Subscription Manager

The whole world is gradually switching to the method of obtaining services, goods and information in exchange for a subscription. Increasingly, various companies do not sell their product one time, but offer users to pay a small amount every month, six months or a year. And examples are enough: music services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, cloud storage iCloud and Dropbox and others.

In this regard, the average user accumulates from one to four subscriptions, which need to be paid at different times. Often this is extremely unexpected and unpleasant, for example, if only cash is on hand and there is little money on the card. In order to solve this and other problems, the Bobby service was coined.

Bobby is a subscription manager, where you can easily monitor when the money is written, how much and for what product or service. The interface of the application is very simple: at startup the user will meet the initial screen with a list of all his subscriptions. Below is written the total amount, in the upper right corner – the “+” button for adding one more service, in the upper left – settings.


Each subscription can be very flexibly configured. In Bobby it’s easy to record a payment cycle, for example, every month or year, the date of the first payment, the duration, set reminders and enter the cost. In the settings tab, you can change the application’s theme, change its icon, enable synchronization in iCloud, restrict access to Bobby with a password or Touch ID, change the currency and much more.

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The manager supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and available in the App Store is free. In Bobby there are built-in purchases that will add a couple of possibilities, but there is no advertising. Unfortunately, the application does not support the Russian language, but everything is intuitive there, so it’s unlikely that there will be problems.

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