What lost users Windows 10 after installation 10 April 2018 Update

What lost users Windows 10 after installation 10 April 2018 UpdateWindows 10

April 2018 Update in Windows 10 adds new features but removes several existing components. Most of them are not particularly popular.

Groove Music Pass. From the music player Groove Music Pass. This service was closed in 2017.

Language settings in control panel. To change language settings and layouts are now possible through Settings.

HomeGroup. To share printers, files and folders is now possible through built-in functions of the operating system. HomeGroup was removed from the Windows components 10.

Hints of hotspots. Previously, Microsoft removed from Windows 10 to automatically connect to any open Wi-Fi networks, and now have a notice of the availability of such networks. To connect to hotspots through the notification area in the taskbar or control panel.

XPS Viewer. Component for working with XPS files will be saved only in case if it is already installed on the computer. If not or you are installing the upgrade version of Windows from scratch, it can optionally be set manually separately.

With future updates of Windows 10 will disappear several components, including some administrative policies, Windows Help Viewer, Phone Companion, contacts in a Windows Explorer and IPv4 / 6 Transition Technologies (6to4, ISATAP Tunnels and Direct).

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