What is the computer afraid of? And how to protect it

Hello friends, something I wanted to write about what the computer is afraid of? And how to protect the computer from its enemies. You tell me, the computer is a piece of iron, what can happen to it and what are they afraid of? But I do not agree with these words. A computer is a system, and a lot of different factors including those created by us can damage it or even kill it altogether.

What is the computer afraid of? And how to protect itWhat the computer is afraid of

Whatever your computer worked for a long time and without breakdowns, it should be treated very carefully and do not overload its “danger”, which can disable it.

Let’s consider what can harm our iron friend.

Contact with liquids

Uuuu, this is probably the worst thing that can happen to your computer. Well, how can fluid get into the computer? And then you do not know :). I, too, amateur to drink coffee or tea at the computer, and this is very bad.

What is the computer afraid of? And how to protect itLiquid entering the computer

Shedding something on the keyboard, this is a matter of one second, and the damage from this can be very serious. Well, even if you spilled the liquid on the keyboard of a conventional stationary computer, most likely the maximum that happens so it will burn the keyboard, and then if it is quickly shut off and dried, it will most likely work. But if you have a laptop, then here everything is more serious. After all, in laptops under the keyboard are all the components that are likely to suffer from liquid and will suffer seriously.

How will they suffer? And in most cases, repair such laptops does not make sense, so you can drink coffee, tea, beer at the computer, but carefully :). And you better do it in the kitchen at the table, but without laptops and tablets :).

Differential stresses

Dips in tension, this is not just an important factor that can harm the computer. Typically, from an unstable voltage, the power supplies are on, thereby protecting other components of the motherboard, the processor, the video card, and so on.

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The computer should be protected not only from differences in the power grid, but also should be the protection of the ethernet network, you can do it with the help of special devices.

But there are different cases, sometimes a power supply can fail, especially if it’s a cheap option.

Moral: do you want to have a stable and reliable computer? Do not save on the power supply. Alternatively, you can still install the UPS or at least a surge protector, they also help protect your computer from a thunderstorm.

Falls, shocks, vibrations

I think it’s clear what I want to say. This mainly applies to laptops, and in this case the hard disks are suffering. From my own experience I can already say that even the slightest drops and tremors can damage the hard drive.

To put it simply, if you fall (not even large) in the hard drive, the head hits the plate, and the bad sectors appear on the hard drive. And then he can shove and well if you still have time to save the information.

Stationary computers, too, may suffer from such problems, but you simply can not carry them from place to place several times a day, also included. You probably wonder why I wrote about the blows, well, just anything can happen, Windows thing is buggy :).

User enemy computer

That’s who the most important enemy, man. You noticed that in almost all of the above threats, the human factor is everywhere present. We can damage the computer most of all. Than? Yes, his thoughtless actions, carelessness, negligence. And I’m now talking not only about mechanical damage, but also about software, by the way I wrote about breakages here. We can climb where you do not need to click on what you do not need, you understand what I mean :).

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I already wanted to finish the article, as I remembered about dust, it would be foolish not to write about it.

Dust, this is the enemy not only of computers, but of all electronic equipment. It’s the dust in the middle of the computer that’s very dangerous. And it is dangerous to all components, so that the cooling system deteriorates, and the computer starts to get hotter. This can lead to the combustion of components. But as a rule, new computers when reaching a critical temperature, simply turn off or reboot.

What is the computer afraid of? And how to protect it

remove dust from your computer

But do not wait until it happens. You can once in three months or allow half a year to do a computer cleaning. Just open the case and clean the accessories with a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth. In laptops, everything is more complicated, if you are not sure that you can do it, then do not take it and take it to a computer service.

My friend once cleaned the stationary computer, after which he did not turn on. It turns out not right then everything connected. So watch carefully. But keep the purity needed not only in the middle, but outside of the computer. Wipe the dust on the system unit, monitor, etc. Then there will be less dust on the case inside.

Well, like everything said. Leave your opinion on this in the comments. Good luck!


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