War Thunder began a large-scale series of events, “Chronicle of the Second world”

War Thunder began a large-scale series of events, "Chronicle of the Second world"
War Thunder began a large-scale series of events “Chronicles of the Second world war.” – Image 1

The authors military online action War Thunder announced the beginning of a series of special events, “Chronicle of the Second world”, dedicated to the 73 anniversary of the victory of Soviet troops over the Nazi invaders. New themed battle will appear each day until may 9.

In total there will be over 40 every day for six for the aviation and mixed fights in three modes of realism. Doing the job of the Chronicle, players receive a special reward which can be exchanged for new premium equipment and drawings. It is an American armored car T18E3, French SPG Lorraine 155 MLE.50 British P. 9 Whirlwind fighter and attack aircraft Soviet speed Tandem MAI.Gaijin Entertainment has also prepared an exclusive decals and decorators.

As the developers point, the battle “the Chronicles” will be lined up in chronological order from the invasion of enemy troops on the territory of the USSR to the final fighting in Berlin. Will meet on location on the streets of other European cities in the sky over the Pacific ocean and even in the deserts of North Africa.

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