Want to know all about the “dream job” in the gaming industry? View these insanely funny videos!

Want to know all about the “dream job” in the gaming industry? View these insanely funny videos!. – Image 1

You are tired of the current boring and poorly paid work? Always wanted to make games, but you don’t know what are the pitfalls is fraught with game development? Then rushes to the aid of a series of clips from 101ХР, which not only tell you about all the delights of the gaming industry, but also pretty fun!

A series of commercials called simply and clearly — “the dream Job”. It tells the story of an ordinary Manager, who are tired of old work, so he decided to try yourself as a games developer.

Not only two, but they have already demonstrated all the talent of the creators. The rollers are fully voiced by the bot-talker, and it creates a special atmosphere while browsing. Tons of metamora, postoronnii and just funny moments.

In the first part we are talking about how bad it is to work as a Manager when you are forced to do almost everything besides actually working.

Secondly, we all know about the dangers of interviews. But not in the gaming industry, everything is great.

We asked 101ХР told us more about creating videos. Director of development and training in 101XP Oleg Dobroshtan explained that they wanted to depart from the usual rollers with stairs over office and similar comments.

Globally we wanted to move away from the standard video about the company, so it was interesting to watch in terms of content that was interesting narrative to cling to in the first place by the show itself. In General, that was interesting. We’re a game company. Given that the market lacks high-quality video with the camera spans around the office and talk about their work people, we decided to move in a slightly different way, again — that was interesting and fun, that I wanted to watch and wait for the next series.

The basic idea Oleg expressed as follows:

In General, we’re the entertainment industry, so we need to entertain.

About the birth of the idea, told the head of HR-teams — Catherine Ogoltsova.

Not so long ago in the framework of corporate culture development was launched internal employer brand 101XPteam. This video series is part of a larger project involving employees from different departments of the company. In our short series tells a little bit about us and our company, on the corporate culture, the employees and talents!

“A dream job” not only introduces foreign people with the company, but also allows for the talents of employees 101ХР.

The creation of such videos allows you to realize the potential of employees as writers, Directors and actors. In addition, it is a wonderful teambuilding: the guys from different departments that do not overlap in the work, have been working together on the creative project. We think we found the perfect genre for the presentation of the gaming company and demonstrate our advantages, as a reliable employer.

The jokes in the commercials sound very different, such is clearly not born, if we follow strictly according to the script.

Most of the jokes listed, discussed and protected in the stage script. Some come to our minds during filming, something funny is added during installation. The shooting took place in a totally creative atmosphere, and most importantly — participation in them is completely voluntary.

It’s funny that initially almost no one wanted to participate in the filming, but the second episode had enough takers.

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Say what you will, but the video really turned out great. So now we look forward to continue and we wish every team good luck. Out “a dream Job” the official channel 101ХР.

Want to know all about the "dream job" in the gaming industry? View these insanely funny videos!


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