“Violating the court’s verdict”: Roskomnadzor explained the blocking of Google IP addresses

Roscomnadzor made in the register of banned a number of Google IP addresses that the messenger Telegram used to bypass the lock. The American company has announced that it is the deal with the Russians, complained about lack of access to some Google services. The RCN has been carried out similar actions against the IP addresses of Amazon, which Telegram was used for the same purpose.

“Violating the court’s verdict”: Roskomnadzor explained the blocking of Google IP addresses

Roscomnadzor made in the register of of information a number of Google IP addresses, because they are used to bypass the blockade of the messenger Telegram.

“Google to the date has not satisfied the requirements of the Roscommodzor and in violation of the verdict of the court of law continues to allow the company Telegram Messenger Limited Liability Partnership to use its IP address to carry out activities on the territory of Russia. has made in the register of prohibited information, the number of Google IP addresses that are used by Telegram to carry out activities in the Russian Federation “, – the message reads Agency, published in the social network “Vkontakte”.

Earlier, the Russian users have reported that some Google services were unavailable. The problems were fixed, particularly in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk.

In Google reported that examine the complaint.

“We understand these messages”, – told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the American company.

Earlier Roskomnadzor has blocked the IP addresses of Amazon, which Telegram was trying to use for the same purpose. Among the blocked was more than 650 thousand addresses.

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"Violating the court's verdict": Roskomnadzor explained the blocking of Google IP addresses

“We have to unloaded subnet Amazon, which is switched to Telegram.” We execute the court decision ” Alexander Zharov, said the head of Department.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the RCN contributed to the black list more than 15 million IP addresses in connection with the blocking of the messenger.

About the beginning of the block Telegram was announced on 16 April. The decision was handed down, the Tagansky court of Moscow. Thus, the court is satisfied with the claim of FSB decoding keys for user messages. According to the plaintiffs, the position of the Telegram threatens the interests of the state and plays into the hands of extremists.

Roskomnadzor started the procedure of blocking of the messenger Telegram, giving operators the order of restriction of access to the service …

The office also started to block VPN and proxy services.

“Limited access 18, VPN and proxy services that provide access to Internet resources,” said the press service of the RCN.

The same day, Roskomnadzor has established a hotline to check the information about Internet access with restricted access Telegram and combating false information.

The owner of Telegram Pavel Durov promised that a messenger will use built-in methods to bypass locks which do not require any action from users. He also stressed that the service will retain the ability to centrally send out notices to all Russian users, informing about the development of the situation.

Durov also said that even after blocking in Russia, active users Telegram is not decreased. He is stressed that the Russian market is important to him for personal reasons.

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"Violating the court's verdict": Roskomnadzor explained the blocking of Google IP addresses

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov in an interview with RT.

“In the fight against instant messengers, and marks the court’s decision.” I will remind you that according to the law of the FSB “said Zharov.” It was not the first time, “said Zharov.

Pavel Durov also convinced that even after blocking messenger the terrorist threat in the country will remain at the same level.

Meanwhile, Telegram lawyers intend to appeal to the Prosecutor General’s office in connection with the actions of Roskomnadzor to block messenger. This was stated by lawyer Pavel Chikov.

“By the beginning of may we will collect all references and facts, and the wheel of the cart to the Prosecutor General on the audit of the legality of the actions of Roskomnadzor … So, for fun and moving”, he wrote in the Telegram .

According to him, to conduct proceedings against the Department.


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