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At the Google I / O conference the search engine told about the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and showed new Android functions. "Assistant" has become so clever that he is able to initiate a conversation with people on his own – for example, call a doctor or call and reserve a table in a restaurant if the institution does not have the opportunity to place an order online.

At the same time during the technology show, the company assured that the improved "Assistant" can cope even with non-standard answers. The demonstration of the new helper’s capabilities looked impressive, but when they are embodied in a real product, it is not.

Another new function, based on artificial intelligence, is sentences. Gmail’s mail client will be able to finish the end of the phrases for a person, and Android itself – to offer programs that can be useful at the moment. Or actions with photos – for example, "operating system" You can guess when you need to recognize the image or make a black and white color image.

A separate topic is AR-navigation. It will help those who leave the metro and could not understand on which side of the road it stands. Now it’s enough to place the Android-smartphone in front of you, and it will tell you which way you are looking at the map. Something similar, by the way, is already implemented in "Yandex.Maps". Details – in the program

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