Velheor: “I did not play DotA before the selection in Na’Vi”

Newcomer Natus Vincere Fyodor “velheor” Rusikhin told about how he received an invitation to the team, what tasks are facing her and who is taking the example from the 4th position.

How did you get an invitation to Na’Vi?

“I’m pretty familiar with Crystallize, at the age of 15-16 we were already playing together, both were just starting their way. Since then we have communicated fairly close. I will not say that we are best friends, but we maintain a warm relationship.

Even after the winter selection, he said that someone from the team I liked, someone – not particularly, but the opinion can change. The slozhniy memas team fell apart, and I decided to take three weeks off. Suddenly I was told by Igor “caff” Sidorenko and asked if I would like to try again. Given that I did not play for three weeks, I was shocked. I thought my form was not good, but I agreed. Refuse such a chance is impossible. “

Did you manage to chat with the teammates?

“We already had time to communicate. Most of all, I probably spoke with Lil. He gave me a lot of advice, told me what is better, what’s worse. He constructively criticizes. I like it very much, because for me it is a serious authority as a player of my position, and as a player in general. I try to listen to him, take something from him, discuss with him. “

What are the goals now facing the team?

“First of all, preparation for Supermajor. We will try to be as successful as possible there. In the future – to pass the open and closed qualifications of The International 2018. There, too, show your maximum. For me personally, in the priority – to grow in an individual plan. I want to develop as a team player, but at the same time show my best game in every tournament. Now I’m aiming for a major, there I have to show what I know, and what I will have time to learn during the preparation. “

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With whom does the example

“I copied a lot of support Team Secret Yazid “YapzOr” Zharadat. But in general, everyone took a little bit of everything, where I really like the performance of this or that hero. YapzOr has Rubick and Earthshaker, GH has Sand King, Lil has during The Kiev Major – Night Stalker (I even used it when he left the meta) and Doom – I saw him in Ilya’s performance, and I also wanted to try.

However, now I will have an additional burden of responsibility, since Lil can approach me at any moment and say that he does not like something or should have done something differently. While I’m generally hard at understanding what will happen. “

The current state of the LPG scene

“She lacks stability. We have many good compositions that can surprise and win. Perhaps these patches every two weeks are also the cause of the lack of results: we do not know how to quickly adapt to changing conditions. It is not uncommon for children from open qualifications to make their way into the closed part of the competition and show a good result. “

Velheor replaced Nikolai “LeBronDota” Popovich in Na’Vi, he will play in the 4th position, and Ilya “Lil” Iljuk will move to the 5th position.

New player Na`Vi – who is he?

“It was my initiative.” Lil explained the kick of LeBron



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