Valve ordered to pay Australia a fine of $3 million


The appeal of the company was rejected.

Valve ordered to pay Australia a fine of $3 million

The high court of Australia rejected the appeal of gaming giant Valve, filed in January of this year on the claim of 3 million Australian dollars, which the company was obliged to pay because of a violation of the consumer law of Australia.

For the Australian judicial system is an important precedent, and now any company not based in Australia, but dealing with them in commercial activity, will be obliged to comply with the laws of this country.

Recall that the site was accused that at the time of filing a claim with consumers Steam was not entitled to a refund, (he later appeared in the service), and also that the store does not provide the guarantee of a minimum acceptable quality. The second charge also does not argue – most of the games on Steam is blatant trash-projects that do not pull even on Early Access, but the company is actively addressing this problem.

The decision on the claim at $3 million made by the Federal court of Australia after the company refused to admit his guilt. If the company admit they were wrong, the penalty would be 12 times less.

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