Using the iPhone? Be sure to update iOS, and that’s why

In the next version of iOS 11.4 there will be a new mode called USB Restricted Mode. With its help, the company is going to increase the security of data stored in mobile devices.

USB Restricted Mode Mode will be activated seven days after the last moment of activity. After that, you can not use the connection of the smartphone to the computer via the USB port for data transfer, writes TechCrunch.

In this case, the smartphone will be in working order – for example, it can be charged. To bring the device out of this mode, it will be enough to enter the password code.

Recall that Apple regularly receives requests from the intelligence services to require access to data on smartphones suspected of crimes. In addition, the police practice unlocking the fingers of the dead. With the introduction of USB Restricted Mode doing this will be much more difficult.

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