Twitter has asked all 336 million users to change passwords

Twitter urged its users to change their passwords. The service was not hacked, but some passwords were stored unencrypted.

What happened?

According to developers, Twitter uses the technology of masking passwords through the hashing function of bcrypt. However, they recently found a bug where passwords were recorded in the internal log as plain text. Access to it was only employees in the course of an internal investigation, the company found no signs of misuse.

According to sources Reuters, the bug remained undetected for several months. Only a couple of weeks ago on Twitter.

To be safe, Twitter recommends to change passwords and enable Authy and Google Authenticator.

Like, really serious concerns in the security of our users. But in 2016 Twitter forcibly dumped the passwords of 32 million accounts, the base of which is sold on the darknet for 10 bitcoins (about $ 5800 at the time). Even then, the data were obtained by the hackers, not the result of hacking, and with the help of the virus, which stole passwords from the browsers on the infected systems.

At the recent announcement of the first quarter, Twitter reported monthly active audience of 336 million people.

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