Trump thanked the DPRK leadership for closing the nuclear test site

Residents of the village of Pugachevo in Udmurtia are evacuated because of explosions in the former military test siteUkraine will bill Russia for losses from the Crimean bridge Demonstrators are trying to break into the cabinet of the mayor of YerevanMinistry of Infrastructure of Ukraine estimated the losses of the country because of the Crimean bridgeThe area of ​​the fire at the former military test site in Udmurtia doubled brink of madness in GosdumeNapavshih with whips on protesters in Moscow flogged themselves Cossacks village Pugachevo Udmurtia exploding shells in the military chastiProhodyat: Kiev deceived Gosden EP and the EU on shipping because of the Kerch bridge. Eight bikers became the first violators of traffic rules on the Crimean bridgeRussian ships with the Caliber missiles to intervene on a permanent watch in the MediterraneanThe Udmurtia prosecutor’s office began checking because of the explosions at the Pugachev training groundTwo firefighters were sent to a settlement in Udmurtia from for exploding shellsPutin: Navy ships with missiles "Caliber" will carry a constant watch in the Mediterranean Sea Razyarennaya Kar. Плишкова after defeat has punched a hole in a judicial tower The Eurocommission has suggested considerably toughen the Schengen visa system"Russia is building, but Ukraine is only destroying!": the first autotravelers drove along the Crimean bridgeThe government of Udmurtia went to check the situation in PugachyovoKrymsky bridge disappearedTusk said that Trump’s latest decisions saved the EU from illusions FSB disrupted the terrorist attacks at the World Cup. The fire area in Udmurtia increased to almost 20 hectares"Do you want a land corridor from Russia to Transnistria?": Russia responded to the Council of Ukraine from the United States "blow up the Crimean bridge"VTB bankrupt former owner of Transaero EMERCOM of Russia reported on “detonation of shells” in Udmurtia due to the fire of grass The Russians called third of cognac in Russia counterfeitThe NATO expressed concern about the opening of the Crimean bridge In Moscow and St. Petersburg detained terrorists who prepared attacks before the World Cup 2018 Those who killed the whips of the participants of the action May 5 Cossacks punished the spanking of Yanni or Laurel: what do scientists think about audio recordings that divided the Internet into two campsRackets "Caliber" will be placed in the MediterraneanAs the star “Dom-2” Anastasiya Dashko, who stayed in prison today looks like, looks like a forest creek and drowned the sourceNews source: Armen Jigarkhanyan is again hospitalizedMargarita Simonyan told about the call of the US media to bomb the Crimean bridgeThe US advised Ukraine to blow up the Crimean bridgeThe media reported the hospitalization of Dzhigarkhanyan in a difficult conditionTurkey agreed for the transit of military cargoes by BTK – Howard Parachutist jumped out of the plane a few minutes before the crash, leaving inside the son of Kara-Murza the elder advised his son not to return to Russia after the threats of deputy IsayevV Pugachevo because of the natural fire the shells began to explode againPossible losses from the Crimean bridge for UkraineWarning in turmoil: Ukraine stabbed him in the back in the fight against RussiaThe plot of the Kadashevskaya embankment in Moscow will become a two-wayAuto expert named the sign "Thorns" a throwback to the Soviet vremeniZhiteley Pugachevo village in Udmurtia were evacuated due to exploding boepripasovDemonstranty stormed the administration building in ErevaneKto win? NI compared M1 Abrams with the “deadly” “Armata” Two thousand residents of the village are evacuated because of the explosions in UdmurtiaMED in advance reacted to possible sanctions because of the Crimean bridgeRussian citizens will get “gold” of punished for doping American swimmers. At SPIEF Putin will meet with heads of 40 world investment funds. saw the negative consequences from the construction of the Crimean bridgeArgentines taught to shoot Russian girls at the World ChampionshipAmericans called to bomb the Crimean bridgeOgromnogo "hairy monster" It washed ashore on FilippinahSemya found in the yard of a safe with tens of thousands of dollars and gave it to sosedyamNa Ukraine have estimated losses from the Krymsky Bridge in $ 20 million in godTramp punish missed the Crimean bridge PoroshenkoEkspert explained why Putin has not violated unfastened PDDDvizhenie on the highway "Volga" in Udmurtia is blocked because of explosions of shells Jigarkhanyan is hospitalized in a difficult conditionThe West believes that the meeting of Merkel with Putin gives a chance for rapprochement of countriesSi Jinping has already defeated Trump, the move for MerkelTusk: thanks to the Trump of the EU, he got rid of all illusions. The strong winds will be held in Moscow on Thursday. cost of the project on the bridge SahalinPoroshenko withdrew draft of deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine for participation in the elections KrymuPalestina withdrew their ambassadors from the four countries ESVo exploding shells Pugachev was not “The conflict in the Donbas – a war against all of Europe, unleashed by Washington” In Udmurtia, a children’s camp is being evacuated because of a fire at a former military training groundEurope infected the whole world with leprosy Jigarkhanyan got into intensive care in a serious conditionThe best quality cognac in RussiaWith the OPCW, they gave details of the chemical attack in Idlib. The ban on buns and coffee. That can not be eaten on zavtrakElena Gremina died on 62 th year zhizniZaharova response to the statement the US State Department about the opening of the Crimean mostaSamoy sexy woman on the planet turned 32APL “Yury Dolgoruky” is going through the Arctic ice: exclusive kadryEkspert commented on the new structure of the government RussianTerms of entry into


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