Top 10 songs in hip-hop with references to popular video games


Rap and videoigry — like a piece of “threaded” and doctor’s sausage? Inseparable?

Top 10 songs in hip-hop with references to popular video games

According to portal WhatCulture, hip-hop and video games as inseparable as peanut butter and toast. And if you try to be closer to the Russian reality — as a piece of “threaded” and doctoral sausage. Well, let’s look at those references to video games in the REP that the portal made us for consideration.

Incidentally, it is noted that the reason rappers often use video game terminology and references to the games in their songs. Many of them are gamers themselves. Some of the stars of hip-hop can be seen in the top standings for the NFL, or even stream. Recently, as we recall, Drake played Fortnite with a known streamer Ninja, and the event attracted a lot of attention.

Wu-Tang Clan – Triumph (1997)

Wu-Tang in those days stood out from the masses of rappers West coast thanks to the passion for martial arts that spawned a lot of references to them. But video games and hip-hop 90s past not passed. In one of the songs mention the word “shinobi”. It should be noted that by the time the flagship game SEGA Shinobi has managed to fall silent, but was still quite popular. Thus to refer to a secretive Oriental warrior more popular still used the word “ninja”, so we are talking about the reference to the game.

The Lady Of Rage – Afro Puffs (1994)

The Lady Of Rage — one of the typical representatives of the hip-hop scene of the 90s. Track Afro Puffs recorded with Snoop Dogg, the arrangement made Dr. Dre, so we have the same canonical REP as we remember it. However, The Lady Of Rage left in his composition, and a fat reference to video games that appeals to gamers. In one of the lines she mentions famous HAAAAADOUKEN! of Street Fighter.

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Lil’ Wayne – Dough Is What I Got (2007)

Imagine the hip-hop scene of the 00’s without Lil’ Wayne is impossible. It is without a doubt one of the most prominent representatives of hip-hop culture of those times. And he, like, loves Mortal Kombat, because in the song Dough Is What I Got (by the way, parodying the title of the famous song Jay-Z — Show Me What You Got) it uses a reference not to one, but at once to three characters from this game. Unable to see for yourself, after listening to the song.

Joe Budden – 6 Minutes Of Death (2006)

Joe Budden is one of the rappers, who for many years has been criticized by the public. But within the hip-hop culture is not something surprising. For gamers same it is remarkable that also makes references to games in their texts, as well as other participants of this top. 6 Minutes Of Death he mentions Mario and Luigi from the Nintendo universe.

Mos Def – Mathematics (1999)

Album Mos Def titled Black on Both Sides not only contains a reference to video games, single, Mathematics is also one of the official songs for Madden NFL 2002 for PS2, Xbox and GameCube. In General in his lyrics Mos Def, in addition to mentions of games and gaming consoles raises many social problems, some of which are relevant to the United States to this day.

Aesop Rock – Babies With Guns (2004)

Aesop Rock is a prominent figure in hip-hop. It is also known as another rapper, raising urgent social questions, such weapons in the hands of teenagers, and as a performer, which boasts one of the most extensive vocabularis in the texts. And he’s clearly in the subject of video games, as in his songs you can find a reference to Zelda and the mechanics of the filling of hearts with health.

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Obie Trice – Outro (2003)

Given the popularity of The Legend of Zelda was hard to imagine that the mention of this game there in the texts only one rapper. The Outro track also has a reference to a popular Nintendo franchise. By the way, this song is actually longer than you might think. Typically refers to a short instrumental part of the album, but not in the case of Obie Trice.

Bobby Creekwater – There He Is (2006)

Bobby Creekwater in many ways similar to Young Zee. Both excellent rappers, but the destiny has developed in such a way that neither one of them was not able to record a full album. The attention of the press and lovers of hip-hop culture Bobby Creekwater attracted through participation in the tracks of Shady Records Studio, which was founded by Eminem, together with his Manager Paul Rosenberg in 1999 and Bobby Creekwater clearly follows the video game industry, because of its lines makes reference to it.

The Game – Start From Scratch (2005)

Rapper The Game was insanely popular in the period 2005 to 2008 On the album The Documentary has several songs with references to gaming. In one of his songs he says that while playing on the PS2 in his house gets robbed and began to destroy everything. During the attack he took a bullet, but recovered from wounds, and later wrote a song about it. Well, a real gangsta romance in all its glory.

House Of Pain – Jump Around (1992)

Jump Around — one of those songs that never loses its relevance. It is possible because the chorus it’s more playful. And may be the cause I serve, and references to video games, when viewed from the perspective of fans and rap, and gaming. Now hard to say, but the authors of the songs are offered to play with them as a console Sega. These boxes were very popular in the 90s, and very few people could assume that by the time they die. Sorry, but in this case, the relevance of this song today was off the charts.

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Top 10 songs in hip-hop with references to popular video games

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