Three crazy theories about the plot of “Deadpool 2”

Three crazy theories about the plot of "Deadpool 2"

Premiere of “Deadpool 2” took place ten days ago, and surely everyone had time to watch a movie. Time to discuss bold fan theory – dedicated, of course, the new character Caleb.

Three crazy theories about the plot of "Deadpool 2"Three crazy theories about the plot of “Deadpool 2”. – Image 1

Hugh Jackman has stepped away from the role of the Logan – this means that in its place will soon find a new young actor. But nothing prevents to take the other person for a role is even more old Logan! In the Ultimate, the cable was Wolverine from the future, and the character Josh Brolin quite like him. Stressed emotionless, issuing a grim joke, traumatized by the loss of his wife and child, all as Logan. What to the claws, the Ultimate X-Men cable, that he was not about to kill, innocent mutant, which may later be destroyed the world. Sound familiar?

What else? Wolverine in the comics was short, but the cable is huge, over two meters. Josh Brolin with his 178 cm is much closer to the first. Also in the “Tadpole 2” of the cable there is his famous superpowers from the comics, where he was one of the coolest mutants. In fact, in the movie cable lost regeneration the Wolverine. And the final “X-Men: Apocalypse” showed how the power of the Apocalypse scatters, plus in the tape. Sinister – the same one who in the Ultimate X-Men absorbed the force killed Apocalypse and made the future where devoid of regeneration, Wolverine became cable.

Cable used the time machine and Tony stark from “the Avengers 4”

Left cable to the right frame from the set of “the Avengers 4”.

First, the cable notes that Wade Wilson has the same sense of humor as his wife. Second, at the end of the cable, a time machine, not to return to the family, and to rescue Deadpool – is it because he knows that Deadpool without his wife, too, will not? Thirdly, Wade and Vanessa discussing children in the film and in the scene after the credits Deadpool saves Vanessa. Finally, in an interview with Ryan Reynolds himself said that the film “what if Deadpool is the child?” (Which originally was supposed to be in the first place) and the script has been redesigned with this idea in mind.

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What do you think about this?

Three crazy theories about the plot of "Deadpool 2"Three crazy theories about the plot of “Deadpool 2”. – Image 2

Three crazy theories about the plot of "Deadpool 2"


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