They dug out a baby from under rubble garbage

They dug out a baby from under rubble garbage

Marina and Vyacheslav was your business. A little bit unusual. They were “garbage kings” as they were called in the city. That is still. The unoccupied niche in your city – recycled garbage. And this is good, you have to realize that much.

The family was not as smooth as I would have. Wealth was, Yes, but in ten years of marriage, their house was not filled with children’s laughter. How many surveys during this period they passed and which tests passed … All to no avail. and that hurt, still could not understand.

Aloud their emotions the spouses to each other is not expressed, but there was between them some kind of wall, which every day became higher and higher.

That strange, but later a happy day, Marina and her husband went to inspect the new landfill that they had to take out the garbage for further processing.

A few containers of their employees are in the garbage for profit.

Marina was decided to bypass the territory and to ensure that everything is in order. Another would be in its place and the nuts, it’s not stuck, curled up from disgust, and she’s not the test. If you do business, the conscience. And she is not used to dirty work.

The woman returned to the car, when I heard from beneath a pale of debris muffled squeak. Marina came closer and listened to the squeak was repeated and became more intense.

“Kittens or puppies,” thought she, and began to bare hands to flip the trash. Not everyone would have made such a rash decision, but just happened to be the one who just barely squeaked under the debris.

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Marina could not get to the source of the squeak. She called her husband and asked to come. He was not immediately understood for what purpose his wife is on his knees and digging in the garbage. And heard the squeak, began to do the same.

The couple were in shock when I finally dug up. It was a newborn baby, apparently premature.

Painfully small it was. Marina quickly wrapped him in my sweater and a couple rushed to the hospital. The landfill was out of town and therefore, wait for the ambulance was like death.

Glory were driven so hard that the tail got the traffic cops, but to stop the man was the once-foundling he sounded fainter and fainter. Finally we saw the white building of the city hospital.

Ran the cops stood dumbfounded and watched the husband with the wife skipped running the stairs, urging the bag, wrapped in a sweater, do not die.

The child had severe hypothermia. He was only saved by the fact that he was warm. And, of course, do not come back to Marina with Vyacheslav, everything could end much worse.

Other physical damage to the baby was not. All around, ranging from couples and ending with a hospital staff, could not understand how it was possible to throw a baby in the trash. Well, he does not need you to leave the baby in the hospital.

The mother of the child was never found. It was probably for the best, because the whole city was buzzing, discussing this case. Would not escape her “lynching,” many wanted to see in the eyes of the infanticide.

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The guardianship was carried to the foundling in the orphanage. And Marina with Glory, not saying a word, decided to apply for adoption. For good reason, the fate of what is sent them to the landfill that day and hour, when it should have been Yegorushka. Oh Yes, Yegorushka called the son of happy parents.

That’s how “junk king” appeared his “junk” son. But the life he should now be happy, right? After all, he suffered so much



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