The US police are looking for the mother of a dead fetus on DNA

In the state of Georgia, investigators resorted to the help of geneticists to find the mother of a twenty-week-old fetus found in sewage.

The US police are looking for the mother of a dead fetus on DNA

On Monday afternoon, the workers of the treatment plant in Augusta, Georgia, noticed an unusual object in the waste water that was a human fruit for testing. Later, forensic expert Mark Bowen determined the age of the fetus – about 20 weeks. According to the law of the state abortion after the twentieth week is prohibited, so a terrible find could be a proof of crime. Bowen sent the remains to the Bureau of State Investigation – to autopsy and DNA analysis. To investigate illegal abortions, this was done for the first time.

Despite the criminal tinge of this story, Bowen insists he was not thinking about enforcing the law: “My goal is to find a mother and make sure she’s okay,” the expert told The Verge. “I want to make sure, that she does not bleed to death, does not die from infection, and reunite her with the body of the lost child so that she can bury him. “(The law of the state of Georgia also regulates the treatment of abortion and miscarriages, although this should not be done by parents but by medical institutions) . In addition, the autopsy should help to determine the age of the fetus more accurately – and therefore, to determine whether abortion (if it was an abortion) was legal or not, and, if not, punish the doctors who performed the operation.

The FBI has long learned to look for people on the DNA of relatives; for this purpose, the Bureau collects the CODIS database. As a rule, DNA is extracted from blood samples collected at the crime scene. Sometimes DNA does not coincide completely with any sample found in the database, but it coincides in part with the DNA of other people – blood relatives: brothers, sisters, parents, etc. This is the search not only for criminals, but also for missing persons: the relatives of the missing themselves hand over the biomaterial, your own or the missing.


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