The treasure of the legendary Viking

The treasure of the legendary Viking

Treasury, owned by the legendary Viking, Harald Bluetooth, the Danish Governor, which is named in honor of the Bluetooth technology, found on the island of rügen.

Treasure found 13-year-old boy and Amateur archeologist. In January, the hunters scouted the island, part today part of Germany, using a metal detector and stumbled on a piece of white metal, which was considered to be aluminium. But it later emerged that this remains the silver Cup.

Last weekend the regional archaeological service began excavations in the area of 400 sq. m. according to German media, the scientists almost immediately found the treasure, which they believe is connected with the Danish king Harald Gormana, better known as Harold Bluth (Bluetooth) or Harald Bluetooth. He reigned from 958 to 986, and probably earned the nickname because of the color of the tooth. In particular, archaeologists have found woven necklaces, pearls, brooches, Thor’s hammer (the image of a mythical weapon, forged by the dwarves), rings and up to 600 coins, including some Dating to the time of Harald Bluetooth. The oldest coin is a dirham of Damascus, Dating back to the year 714, and the last penny, Dating back to the year 983.

From this it follows that the treasure was hidden at the end of the nineties the tenth century. It was during these years Bluetooth was forced to flee to Pomerania (a region that includes parts of modern North-Eastern Germany and Western Poland).

"A rare case open, which seems to be confirmed by the historical sources",

– archeologists note.

Harald Bluetooth was famous for having turned away from paganism and introduced in Denmark to Christianity, and United Scandinavia. By the end of the Board under his power was the territory of modern Norway, Sweden, Denmark and part of Germany.

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However, as a result of the war with his son Sven, he was deposed from the throne. The causes of the conflict are not clear. According to one version, Sven was a pagan, chose a traditional raids and resisted as the introduction of Christianity and centralization of power. As a result of war Bluetooth was forced to flee to Pomerania, where he died in 987 ad.

Today the legacy of the detected Bluetooth in smartphones and laptops – Bluetooth wireless technology is named in his honor, and its symbol consists of two runes, in which are written the initials HB. As repeatedly stated by the media Creator Jim Kardach Bluetooth (Jim Kardach) this new technology has combined the communication protocols, as king Harald had United Scandinavia.


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