The second flight model of the MS-21 airliner first flew into the air

Almost all the attention of our specialists in the field is attracted to the flagship of the Russian civil aircraft industry. This is one of the few domestic passenger aircraft developed not in the USSR, but directly in modern Russia. If the cracked Sukhoi Superjet 100 can be considered a breakthrough of the pen, then with MS-21 really high hopes are connected. In fact, it is from this machine that the future of civil aviation in the Russian Federation will depend.

A year ago, on May 28, 2017, for the first time the first airplane of the airplane ascended to the sky. The tests were generally recognized as successful. Meanwhile, many drew attention to the protracted “break” in the program. Now the negative rumors have dispelled the first flight of the second flight model.

The tests were carried out at a height of three thousand meters, the speed of the aircraft was up to 400 km / h. These tests were recognized as successful. Now the forces of Irkut Corporation have collected a total of three MS-21 aircraft. One is used not for flights, but for static tests on the territory of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. Zhukovsky. In addition, currently three more MS-21-300 machines are being built.

It is known that the second flight model MS-21 received a number of improvements, which made it possible to eliminate the shortcomings revealed in the first flight test. During the flight, the pilots conducted an analysis of stability and controllability with different mechanization of the wing and various positions of the chassis. In addition, the onboard equipment was tested.

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The second flight model of the MS-21 airliner first flew into the airThe first flight, May 28, 2017 / © wikipedia

In the future, the plane should receive a Russian engine PD-14, which recently launched a new stage of testing.

Earlier it became known that as of the end of May 2017, the order book for the MS-21 amounted to 285 aircraft, out of which 185 contracts were concluded with firm contracts. However, to the present commercial success to the project it is still far. To date, the aircraft is almost not interested in foreign buyers. At the same time, the positions of Boeing and Airbus have only strengthened, and the Chinese are experiencing the main competitor MS-21 – the aircraft Comac C919.


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