The neural network of the Siberian scientists for the analysis of plants will help to automate the diagnosis of cancer

NOVOSIBIRSK, may 8. / TASS /. Scientists of the Siberian branch of the RAS create a neural network for universal processing of microscopic images. TASS said acting head of the laboratory of the Institute of Solid Body and Mechanochemistry (ihtm) SB RAS Igor Lomovsky.

"We learn how to prepare the plant for extraction processes. To understand these processes, need to be analyzed, photomicrographs of ultrathin sections of particles, and this creates the neural network. Also, automatic photo processing and biological systems will allow to unload half of the physicians involved in the diagnosis of neoplasms. Also, this information system will help to automate a huge part of microscopic studies: while most of them are in the world"- told lomovskaya.

A unique information system in the world. "There are programs designed for one type of cell, but the adaptive software for the analysis of different types of cells"- he said.

According to the scientist, the plant material in their structure different from others. "This polymer structure, and it actively responds to the mechanical impact. Plant material it’s like reinforced concrete, which has reinforcing bars. When exposed to the structure. Depend on the processes of extraction of biologically active substances"- said the scientist.

Neural network scientists ihtm, Institute of Informatics Systems, and Institute of Chemical Biology and Basic Medicine SB RAS. The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation.

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