The last update of Windows 10 is not compatible with Google Chrome

At the end of April 2018, the company Microsoft has released an update for Windows 10. However, instead of bug fixes, the next version of the operating system brings a few new bugs. It is reported by MSpoweruser.

The last update of Windows 10 is not compatible with Google Chrome

The last update was released in order to correct the mistakes made in the previous versions of the operating system. But I guess it was too early, so not without bugs.

Many users have noticed problems with the microphone and mouse, and also have an error.

In addition, after the next update, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome has started to constantly hang.

While representatives of Microsoft and Google looking for a way to restore the compatibility of products, frequent the computer forums to offer their own solutions with different degrees of effectiveness.

Release date of the next may, this time correct, update, is still unknown.

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