The Internet goes crazy with new puzzles: “Janni” or “Laurel”?

The Internet goes crazy with new puzzles: "Janni" or "Laurel"?

In 2015, the Internet was divided into two irreconcilable camps, who were arguing about the dress color: blue or gold? Now the situation is repeated, but this time, Western people can not agree on what says the voice on the recording: "Laurel" or "Janni"?

Insidious devil dress, possorilsya Internet users a few years ago, has returned in a new guise: in the Internet appeared the audio recording, which would seem to be clear to the name but users.

If you hear this record clear "Laurel" then you might be surprised that some netizens just as clearly hear here "Janni" well, or Vice versa. Most interesting is that, as in the case of the infamous dress, some people can exactly hear "Laurel" 40 times in a row, and by 41 listening "Janni".

Of course, not without the inverse transformation, when "Janni" somehow turned into "Laurel". According to the publication The Verge, the fact that Yanni / Laurel is autovariance "vase ruby" – figures that can dvusmislenno interpreted, and in which different people see different images.

In the case of "Laurel" and "Janni" This is due to the frequency of the sound "Janni" and the rest are inclined to "Laurel". Because of this, the people can change their mind.

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