The gamer is managed to get the last “Zelda” 100% 325 hours

He began to play it on the release day of the project.

The gamer is managed to get the last "Zelda" 100% 325 hours

Player TheDutchSlayer forum ResetEra bragged that he finally managed to get The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at Nintendo Switch. It took him a whopping 325 hours, however, the assurance of the player’s storyline took him no more than 50 hours.

In support of its achievements TheDutchSlayer shared a screenshot, which shows all its way and in the game. The player passed all 120 shrines and also completed all quests and found all 900 koroskih seeds. He also found and leveled up to the maximum of all types of armor and the picture of all the present in the game, animals, enemies and all items (a total of 385 images).

This is what 325+ looks like on the world map btw

– TheDutchSlayer (@TheDutchSlayer) May 28, 2018

According to TheDutchSlayer Breath of the Wild is the first game since Ocarina of Time (1998), which fascinated him so much. However, gamer said that the game is not perfect and he found in it.

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