The facial recognition technology will save the primates

Scientists began to use the neural network to help animals.

The facial recognition technology will save the primates

We have all heard about the facial recognition technology, but not everyone knows that it is applicable to human beings. Scientists figured out how to use it: facial recognition technology will help researchers to save rare primates.

Scientists have developed a special recognition system PrimNet, which will be used to rescue the threatened extinction of primates. Researchers it is important to closely monitor the movement and vital signs of primates.

Now researchers are watching the devices that are attached to the animals themselves, but such methods have serious disadvantages: the primates feel the sensors and worried strong stress, and in some cases, these devices even cause the animal pain .

The facial recognition technology will save the primates

Scientists train algorithms to distinguish Primitive species of Golden monkeys, lemurs and chimpanzees, demonstrating the neural network of thousands of pictures of various primates. In the end, with PrimNet, the researchers will not need a separate tracking device for identification of primates, scientists will simply need to photograph them on the smartphone.

The primary result is 90%. PrimNet have learned to identify primates with an accuracy of more than 90%. The researchers hope to refine the algorithm and to expand the field of application of the application. For example, in the future, it can be used in the fight against smuggling exotic animals, tracking the origin of each individual Primate, often abducted from protected areas.

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