The expert told about the necessary support for the development of the market of electric vehicles

The expert told about the necessary support for the development of the market of electric vehiclesThe electric car is being charged at the electric car-charging station that opened on April 22 in Bolshaya Bronnaya Street in the center of Moscow. Archive photo

MOSCOW, April 25 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The market of electric vehicles in Russia is growing rapidly, but still lags behind in development from Europe, the US and China. To accelerate the dynamics of the need for measures of state support, for example, the abolition of import duties on cars and VAT, as well as simplification of the procedure for installing charging stations, said the general director of the company for the construction of such stations for electromobiles ElectroCity, the project "Autonet", Sergey Pletnev.

The expert told about the necessary support for the development of the market of electric vehiclesThe expert told how to make electric cars popular in Russia

Analytical agency "The autostat" considers the data on electric vehicles by the number of registrations. According to them, in Russia there are a little more than 2 thousand such machines. The main focus of electric vehicles is Moscow and the region, St. Petersburg and the Far East, Pletnev told RIA Novosti.

"How the market in Russia will develop depends on several factors: will the state somehow stimulate this direction, will domestic production of electric cars be established", – noted Pletnev on the sidelines of the International Navigation Forum, which takes place within the framework of the Russian High Technology Week.

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Simplified rules

The expert told about the necessary support for the development of the market of electric vehiclesThe media told about the plans of the authorities to stimulate the production of electric vehicles

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In Russia there is no own production of electric vehicles, all of them are imported from other countries.

"Therefore, to develop the electric transport market as quickly as possible, it would be very desirable, as it was in other countries, that the government introduce additional incentives for the import of electric vehicles. For example, it would abolish duties (for import – ed.) Or VAT. Maybe until the time when they are produced in Russia. Such a temporary measure would serve as a strong impetus for the import of electric vehicles", – he believes.

According to him, the infrastructure for electric vehicles in Russia is not developing as fast as in other countries, for example, in the US, China and Europe.

"What else could the state do? Probably, invest more in the development of charging infrastructure through energy companies, create legislative conditions, so that it would be easier to put the charging station in the city, in the courtyard of the apartment building. Now it takes about two months to coordinate and establish such a station. It is too long. If the legislative issue is resolved, of course, everything will develop faster", – added Pletnev.

The Russian authorities recently canceled the parking fee for electric vehicles in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to the head of ElectroCity, this measure helps the development of the market. "This is a good incentive, it’s saving about 250 thousand rubles a year. We believe that this is a good incentive", – he said.

"Different companies, not only state ones, also develop a network of charging stations, and while they charge free electric vehicles. Yes, while the number of stations is not so great, but this is a good measure", – he noted.

Lack of infrastructure

The expert told about the necessary support for the development of the market of electric vehicles"Rosseti" developed devices for recharging electric vehicles at home

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According to Pletnev, the shortage of charging stations negatively affects the growth rates of the Russian market of electric vehicles. In foreign countries, automakers, first of all, study the state of infrastructure, and only after that they make a decision about the production of electric cars, he said.

The Russian infrastructure in this area, in his opinion, is poorly developed. "Last week Nissan made a decision about the official presence and sales of the new generation Nissan Leaf electric car in Ukraine, because the level of infrastructure development in the country is already high. And, of course, it is not comparable with Russia", – he said.

Pletnev added that in Russia today there are 250 charging stations, and in Ukraine – about 3 thousand. Therefore, according to him, it is expedient to sell electromobiles in Ukraine, but in Russia – yet.

ElectroCity itself currently has about 100 stations. Until the end of 2018 the company intends to fully develop the network in the Krasnodar Territory. At the same time, it is planned to create a network of charging stations in the Far East and Voronezh. "In Sochi and Voronezh, by the way, on the basis of our stations will be based services of taxis and karscheringa", – he said.

The company is also negotiating with the Crimean authorities on the development of a network of charging stations in the region. "In Crimea, we plan, but so far from the government of the Crimea, we have not seen an interest in this topic. We perfectly understand that this is an excellent region for electric cars, considering that this is a resort region, there are important issues of ecology. We hope that the government of the Crimea will nevertheless show interest in this topic, now we are negotiating", – added Pletnev.

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Market Difference

The expert told about the necessary support for the development of the market of electric vehicles"Avtodor" will install on its routes 22 charging stations for electric vehicles

The state of the infrastructure for electric vehicles in Russia and abroad is very different. For example, with the active development of the electric transport market per square kilometer in the city should be at least 2-3 stations-charge. At the same time in China’s Shenzhen average is much higher.

Markets differ in the ways of charging cars. So, in the USA about 70% of car owners charge electric cars at home, at work or in private parking. In Russia, people live mostly in high-rise buildings.

"Therefore, here (in the Russian Federation – Ed.), It makes sense to develop charging stations that are located in the city, in close proximity to residential buildings and business centers. At the same time, we buy corporate charging stations, which are located in private parking lots, these are small compact stations for one or two connectors. At the airport in Sochi, for example, there is already our station", – he said.


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