The developers of God of War showed an early prototype of the game. Some things had to give

During the festive streamers, timed to the release God of War (2018) , the developers showed looked like an early prototype of this game.

It was first shown by Sony in 2015. The authors would like to even the game menu was presented in the form of runes on the axe of Kratos, all for the sake of approach to directing installation without gluing. However, in the development process it became clear that such a menu would be too difficult to implement, and he decided to give up. Another feature that did not live up to the release — some contextual animation of Atreus, son of Kratos. It was decided to simplify.

The release of the game has already taken place. The Director even made a special message to the players today who will be able to plunge into a new adventure of Kratos.

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