The choice of Rogozin: how to move from the development budget to space exploration

Whether Dmitry Rogozin to help the Russian space program? Whether he can work together with the private traders and not to forget about the long-term partnership with the United States in the space industry

After the change of the head of “Roskosmos” may 25, we would like to highlight the difficulties they will encounter and offer possible solutions. After all, the purpose of reforming Roskosmos is not just a productivity enhancement and development of the economy and national security. The purpose of the cosmic future of the Russian Federation.

In what conditions will have to work “Roscosmos”? The problem here is complicated:

– the loss of the state value space: little influence on the economy, low defensive value, weak propaganda, no scientific discovery;

– reduction of international cooperation, sanctions and anti-sanctions;

– low investment attractiveness for private companies;

– increasing international competition.

The investigation of these problems:

– reduction of financing of the sector;

– low productivity;

– low work culture and accidents;

– technological backwardness in many areas.

The choice of Rogozin: how to move from the development budget to space exploration

The fundamental problem of our space is the question of “Why fly into space?”. For example, the US is the assertion of superiority in space, on the moon and on; for India – the country’s technological development; for start-Australia – share in the burgeoning global space economy.

Why the space program of Russia today? I guess you need to start the reform of “Roscosmos” and one radical solution:

Space program Russia needs to earn more than the state spends on the “Roscosmos”.

This goal once and for all closes all debate on the need for space. Working in the industry, receive the decent motivation to work and develop, the government retains the whole range of possibilities and gets more stimulus of development of the economy. And this is not some fiction. Space Monaco earns more than Russia spends on “Roscosmos”. It seems that the potential of our space above.

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Cosmonautics of Russia is more “Roscosmos” – it is not necessary to forget it. There are profitable companies: “Gazprom-Space systems”, FSUE “Space communications”, private telecommunications companies, the firm offers services of Earth Observation. Private sector and missile companies also appeared, but until the profitability of them away. To develop these areas, providing the opportunity of an exit on the world market, the need to develop legal and economic conditions, but this activity is beyond the scope of “Roscosmos”. Therefore, the task of increasing the profitability of the space.

To establish partnership with business

“Roskosmos” may contribute to the profitability of the Russian space industry, for its part, while maintaining government funding. Enough to give the opportunity to make those who are willing and able.

To help you in consulting, technology, infrastructure, legal regulation. Here a good example is the sale, for virtually nothing, floating cosmodrome “Sea launch” Russian company S7 Space. In other areas, “Roskosmos” has gone on to create their own commercial services primarily in the domestic market, that is competition with the existing Russian companies.

At the conference “Space business”, the former head of the state Corporation Igor Komarov, said about it openly: “what we are doing, we do not give up, but from the point of view of value creation” We are not satisfied with the current division of functions in the market of space services, and we’ll be able to climb on these “glades” because of our technological features, because we are doing it – and communication devices, and in remote sensing and cartography , we naturally will go in there, we will develop and defend their positions. “

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With this approach, do not expect the inflow of private funds into the sector. But private investment is only one of the potential sources of profitability of our space. More significant market – providing products and services to foreign customers. Over the last 20 years the most profitable for the Russian space industry cooperation with the United States. At least $ 5 billion were received only for the services of the International Space Station and for rocket engines.

Unfortunately, cooperation with the United States is a bargaining chip in political games. Here manned spaceflight fall into the trap of excessive politicization, which is always accompanied by people in space with Gagarin. And here again, help the traders, it is much easier to negotiate than the politicians in the period of exacerbation.

Despite the current political agenda, it is necessary to note that cooperation between the US and Russia is in the interests of our space for the long term. In the middle term, the price is on the moon. If we want to see the Russians on the lunar orbit in the next 10 years or to leave your mark on the moon in 15-20 years, the cooperation with the USA is inevitable. Even at the cost of “statement of American supremacy in near-moon space”. If we refuse – they’ll just do it without us, and the second on the moon will be canadian, French or Japanese.

The choice of Rogozin: how to move from the development budget to space exploration


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