The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018


According to the portal CNET.

The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018

Nowadays wireless headsets for gaming — not just a reality but also affordable enough option even for those who are not ready to spend for headset too much money. Today Gymbox offers a look at the top 5 wireless headphones according to the portal CNET, which can safely be used for PC gaming and game consoles.

Earlier Gymbox also published a list of top headsets, regardless of connection type. If you haven’t seen the rating, you can access it here.

HyperX Cloud Flight

The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018

First on the list is wireless headset HyperX Cloud II, and for good reason. Version CNET, this is the best wireless headset today. It is convenient, provides excellent sound quality made of high quality materials, easy. But most important, it shows the longest operation time among all the competitors (over 30 hours) and this is one of the key parameters for the wireless device. On sale in the Russian retail HyperX Cloud Flight has not yet arrived, but in the US the price of new items is approximately $160.

Plantronics Rig 800

The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018

This model is also not reached to Russia, and if will reach, that is unlikely to be cheap. But we in this list are considered better models, not optimal from the point of view of a ratio price/quality. At the end of the list, however, you will find one budget option, but more on that later. Now we offer you to look at the Plantronics Rig 800, and is a leader in terms of comfort. Thanks to the modular system, this headset is able to adapt to the shape of the head of any gamer. The sound is not the best in the segment, but the Rig 800 can boast of a good battery (up to 27 hours of active use) and one of the best sensors receiving the wireless signal. Price in USA — $150.

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Steelseries Arctis 7

The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018

This headset took first place in the ranking, which we were informed. At that time, HyperX Cloud Flight still only flashed on the horizon, and we wanted to include in the list available in the market model. CNET notes it as the best for those who hate headsets, but I have to buy for some games (like CS:GO or PUBG) is simply impossible to play without headset. As the arguments of our Western colleagues give is that Arctis 7 is one of the most stylish headsets in the segment, however, we feel that this is not the only merit of these “ears”. Combined in one device and excellent sound quality, customizable EQ, and the quality of performance, and a feature that allows you to share audiochat with friends and the sounds in the game on two different channels, and manage each of them separately. The price for this model in Russia begins from about 11.5 thousand rubles.

Astro A50

The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018

This model also came into our field of view, and considering a wireless connection system, we just could not pass this time. Astro A50 have excellent dynamic range, and surround sound system gives better results among all the competitors. In General it should be noted that while Astro A50 has no equal for sound quality in the gaming segment, especially considering the only wireless options. But there is this model and two fairly significant problems that do not allow it to lead the list. This is a low quality microphone and a very high price. Astro A50 will cost you twice the price of any of the above set, and have ordered abroad.

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Corsair Void Pro Wireless

The 5 best wireless headsets for gamers in 2018

As promised, at the end of the list we will tell you about the best budget options wireless headsets. If you are willing to pay for, headset too much, but you really want to buy a wireless device, the editors of CNET recommend to pay attention to the Corsair Void Pro Wireless. Of course, the sound, usability and other parameters, this option is inferior to the leaders of the list, but given the price is not surprising. If you are very picky about sound quality, and form of headphone is suitable for your head — you can consider this option. The price of Corsair Void Pro Wireless in the US is $100, $50-60 cheaper than the top set. This is a significant difference, but note that in the Russian retail price for headset Corsair inadequate, so perhaps it would be cheaper to order from USA or Europe.


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