Tell the Miracle that Invoker – weak hero

We live in the era of DotA, when the tournament you can see over a hundred heroes. And yet, there is a list of characters, which self-respecting teams are not taken.

This is not the first month this list is Invoker, the presence of which is in the games once guaranteed some great DotA. Miracle destroys all the myths of the current “meta” – Kael is incredibly strong in the right hands!

Who but the Invoker can kill in a contactless battle?

In the hands of the Americans, this character can act as the initiator:

It turns out that Invoker is nice to know how to survive and get the most out of the situation:

Miracle. Invoker. Rampage in the Grand final. Caution, the video evokes the ecstasy:

The final stats of a Miracle. On the scale of effectiveness, this is his typical game, and that’s for the last three years of the professional. DotA (maybe more, just statistics only from 2015).

All of Invokers.

Tell the Miracle that Invoker - weak hero

The third map of the Grand Final against LGD went not so well, but still the confidence of Miracle in the Invocare and command the Miracle is in the middle of the three times.

READ won the ESL One Birmingham and won a third Mercedez-Benz

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