Team Secret signed a contract with 13-year-old Fortnite player

Not a record for eSports, but very close.

Team Secret signed a contract with 13-year-old Fortnite player

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Of all the players forming the new European team Team Secret by Fortnite, one stands out. And speech, in this case, is not so much about a guy’s excellent skill, but rather about his age. Kyle Mongraal Jackson is only 13, and for his years he demonstrates just a great game.

The organization presented the composition of the new team today, and this news immediately spread over the media. However, the age of Kyle Jackson seems to have attracted much more attention than the team and the output Team Secret on the cyber-sporting scene Fortnite. The game, though, is not yet an e-sports game, but once the teams appear, it means the attempts will be exactly. But first things first.

The industry likes to watch how very young gamers begin their stellar career in e-sports. Jackson can not be called the youngest cyber sport in history. According to rumors, the Korean player in StarCraft June TY Ta Young signed his contract with a professional organization when he was only 12. However, Jackson is still very young. And, perhaps, even too young, and Team Secret problems may arise with the promotion of such a composition.

Perhaps this is why Team Secret very advertises the player, stating that he is the best of the best in the UK. According to ESPN, the cybersport organization, without thinking twice, signed a ready-made squad of friends for themselves, who already played together. Now they officially belong Team Secret, and CEO TS John Yao said that he did not know that Jackson is so young. The other older members of the squad are Jackson, 17, 20 and 21.

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In support of the fact that Jackson and the team are really cool, Team Secret prepared a whole video, which advertises the players. Each of the four is dedicated to his showry. I must say, the speed of Jackson’s reaction, his eyming and the ability to correctly erect cover – really amaze. Do not argue, there are players who can play at about the same level, but not everyone is given the chance to achieve such a skill in 13 years.

Yao admitted to ESPN that the age limit can really shut down Jackson’s access to full-fledged competitions. However, he noted that if Epic Games will create an official league for Fortnite, then there will most likely be no age restrictions. Including because the game enjoys wild popularity among young, very young people.

As for the league itself on Fortnite, so far, we have not seen any major competitions in this game. However, as we noted earlier, if professional e-sports organizations begin to form teams, this is not just a matter of fact. Either they know that Epic Games is already in the process of creating a league, or they want to be ready for its appearance at any time without even having an insider.

Anyway, while Fortnite as an e-sports causes a lot of questions, like PUBG in its time. The only difference between the two is that Fortnite works generally more stable, and the card is more compact. The remaining issues remain in force, and even new ones are added. As we remember, to monitor the progress of the match is difficult even in Overwatch, because events are developing too rapidly. Fortnite is comparable in combat dynamics, however, it is less diverse, and the map is still larger than in Overwatch, although not comparable with the scale of PUBG. Ambiguity and balance of weapons, because in mete only shotguns.

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But all this is unlikely to prevent Epic Games from trying their hand at e-sports. In support of this idea can make an incredible popularity of their offspring. There is an opinion that Fortnite will be watched even if it is not too convenient. Or the company will still go on a series of changes in mechanics and balance to make the game more spectacular from the point of view of e-sports.


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