Supertaster s4 and Fly to EG: who won and who lost

Every major shuttle service, even during the after-roster-Loka, this is a controversial decision with a lot of insights for and against. Will try to figure out the s4 and Fly in Evil Geniuses.


Evil Geniuses. The team for the past six months struggled in agony.

Supertaster s4 and Fly to EG: who won and who lost

The results on the screenshot is the first echelon. Lackluster performances at tournaments, unpleasant plums qualifications – all presaged a shift roster. And, both fans and analysts talked about what EG needs a leader, a real captain. And they got it in the face of the Fly. The transition s4 does not cause problems – the only player in the OG, which in recent time was not exact questions. Of course, most of all his happy transition …

SumaiL. Sumail will finally be able to return to the second position! The prayers of the fans were heard. Yes, and he was glad of not less than:

Let’s be honest – this guy needs to give creators with a bunch of buttons. Beastmaster, Enigma is all fine, but how can they be compared with the corona Storm Spirit? But the s4 just successfully passed in his time with the second position in offlin. The obvious gain for the American team.

Team Kinguin and The Final Tribe. What we are all about EG but about EG. These two teams now are OG, the kings of euroqualification, were without two key players. Play in the main tournament of the year.


Optic Gaming and VGJ.Storm. But these two teams got to his open qualifiers another formidable opponent. Oh, and chopper waiting for us in North America. By the way, Resolut1on for two years in a row knocks INTA EG. Will there be a NA-killer to a new level by not letting the star team of America even in the tournament?

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The friendship between Notalon and Fly. The best duet in the history of DotA was dissolved. Just think, they are together since 2012 (with a short break)! Maybe they are not suited to each other. The Kerry. I hope that their friendship will not spoil them dividing the Atlantic ocean.

JerAx. Once Jesse was named the the best Quartet of the planet, and now he is in limbo in a dilapidated team. Let’s just keep quiet and press F and see what he was doing before:


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