Superhot JP: the effect of the new part will unfold in Japan

Players are waiting for the samurai, the Japanese bath and throwing stars.

Popular experimental indie shooter Superhot will receive a sequel, which takes tactical shooting to the expanse of Japan, providing players themed weapons.

The staff of the Japanese Studio GameTomo with Superhot Team, the creators of the original game, will release a new part of the series codenamed Superhot JP.

Superhot JP will retain the signature game of the original with his unique mechanics of time, which flows only when moving the main character, but add to the universe Superhot Japanese elements.

Superhot JP: the effect of the new part will unfold in Japan

Basically, these elements will be in the specific types of enemies and terrains: the players have to be hot shooting in the middle of the medieval samurai castles, Japanese baths and high-speed trains.

In addition, Superhot JP players will enjoy a new themed weapons such as bows and arrows, throwing stars and fan. Just Superhot JP would be approximately 15-18 standard levels and 3 or 4 levels with infinite enemies.

It will be sold separately from the original Superhot, and will be released on PC and PS4 in Japan and then in rest of the world. Release date for Superhot JP yet.

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