Statistics Q1 2018: “Chinatown”

Statistics Q1 2018: "Chinatown"

Company International Data Corporation (IDC) has published data on shipments of smartphones in the world. In the first quarter of 2018, the supply drop by 2.9% compared to Q1 2017. The main reason for the fall is the Chinese market, where shipments fell below $ 100 million, which was not observed in 2013.

“Despite the appearance on the market,” Anthony Scarsella, research Director at IDC.

Indeed, with each passing day the cost of flagship devices is increased, in this regard, consumers are no longer willing to pay a huge amount for the flagship, wanting another year like with the old device.

In the first quarter of 2018, the statistics are as follows:

Statistics Q1 2018: "Chinatown"

Statistics Q1 2018: "Chinatown"

Shipments of Samsung smartphones fell by 2.4%, in the case of Apple, the rise of 2.8%. While Huawei’s grew by 13.8%, and Xiaomi – to 87.8%. The reason for the growth of the latter is the market expansion of smartphones. Thus, the high popularity in India received Redmi 5A (2/5 of income in India Redmi 5A).

Problems experienced OPPO’s deliveries fell by 7.5%. You will have to buy the smartphones from major manufacturers. Probably so consumers want to get the best support from the manufacturer.

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