Sneakers with a treadmill inside

The company Nike patented a strange model of shoes: ordinary sneakers with a tiny treadmill inside.

Sneakers with a treadmill inside

A recently published patent filed by Nike talks about a “revolving conveyor element”, which is designed to help people put on shoes. In fact, this device represents a tiny treadmill, mounted in the insole. It will rotate under the action of a man’s foot and carry the foot behind him.

Interestingly, the patent also assumes that this track can be motorized and “connected to an activation mechanism, for example, a switch or a mechanism that allows to record the presence of a leg.” The patent also indicates the possibility of using a rechargeable battery together with a kinetic energy generator, such as a “piezoelectric generator or other suitable electric generators”. Feeding from ordinary steps, fixing the socks and legs, the treadmill is still only a concept, but such an innovation will obviously benefit people who find it difficult to put on shoes, for example, patients with injuries or people suffering from arthritis.

However, it should be noted that until there is no confirmation that Nike will actually produce such shoes, as many patent applications are submitted for the future, without any plans to implement them.

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