Smile: “V1lat never cease to comment on”

Yaroslav “NS” Kuznetsov, Sergei “Smile” Revin and Victor “GodHunt” Volkov answered questions about Vitaly “V1lat” Volochay.

– When V1lat will cease to comment?

Smile: Never, it’s his dream, he will always comment on it. He never shuts up ever. So will comment on everything, even if it’s not eSports, not sports. Just to comment on something. People.

NS: I think never. Even if you don’t comment, it will probably be to analyze how people comment.

GodHunt: I Think never. What it will do if you stop? Going to be such Svetlakov, who sits in front of the TV, still watching DotA and here it is: “but where are you going, who’s playing?” In this stained t-shirt. Nothing, in short, will not change.

– Why he left Ruhama?

Smile: Starledger back. He’s everything back and forth, back and forth.

NS: Just decided to move on. Sometimes you get tired, for example,…

– He who writes the tweets?

Smile: The Wife.

NS: I Think there’s a whole brigade of some people.

GodHunt: There are two people: Vitaly, and Viktor. They live in one body. Sometimes tweets says Victor.

When was the last time you saw him angry?

NS: actually, V1lat is always angry. Rarely see him good than evil. There is Vitaly, and is the Victor. Vitaly – good, and the Victor of evil. Victor often comes, and the last time more and more often.

GodHunt: Probably some qualification. for the major, it was a very long time. Several employees behaved not very professional, I heard vilat evil through two doors. Good mate hinted that V1lat evil.

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– The hard fail Vitali in the air?

NS: V1lat says, I’m sort of Supplement, realize that it’s two minutes says nothing. I say, and think: “something”. Look, he’s just a basketball looks on the tablet.

GodHunt: He started to comment on the replay anew. Passed batch, he was distracted for just a second, kneading commented on I, the Director includes the replay because it was an interesting fight. He does not see signs “replay” and began to shout and comment on it.

– Hidden talent?

NS: He’s a chatterbox. Able to speak, but that talent is not hidden. About others I do not know.

Smile: V1lat has promised – V1lat promised.

GodHunt: Great memory for names, reshuffle, composition and so on. Remember unreal amount of regular sports and eSports

– Think of him a campaign slogan

Smile: To the previous response should be treated. V1lat has promised – V1lat will perform.

NS: Every commentator – healthy sleep!

GodHunt: I’m going to shout in every fight.

– How old they are familiar with Inessa?

Smile: Come on will 10.

NS: Quite a long time. V1lat already middle-aged, graduated from the Institute, if finished, by the way… 15 Years, I think.

GodHunt: I know, but I forgot. Something around 12. Really a lot.

The first team of big-time sports in Chinese DotA.

Smile: "V1lat never cease to comment on"

Flytomoon and Saint’s Squad dropped out of the fight for slot China Dota 2 Supermajor in the second game of the day CIS training.

Ticket major will get the winner of the tournament Round Robin. At the moment the leader of the standings is Team Spirit, winning three BO2-match of three, she has 6 points.

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Flytomoon has three points after four matches, April 19, she will meet with Vega Squadron.

Saint’s Squad at 1 point after three matches, in the last game day team will play with Team Empire and Gambit Esports.

The last match day (19 April)

Saint’s Squad – Gambit Esports
Team Spirit – Team Empire
Vega Squadron – Flytomoon
Team Empire – Saint’s Squad
Gambit Esports – Team Spirit

League table

1. Team Spirit (6 points)
2. Vega Squadron (4 points)
3. Team Empire (3 points)
4. Gambit Esports (3 points)
5. Flytomoon (3 points)
6. Saint’s Squad (1 point)

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