Sh4dowehhh: “Before the game against NoFear touched a Miracle and we won”

Coach FlyToMoon Eugene “Sh4dowehhh” Alekseev told how they are preparing the players mentally and strategically, but also remember what the team expects from a major EPICENTER XL before it starts.

The tournament

“Well, actually Airat [Silent] before the tournament said, “How many give for last place? At least we will recoup what we have here?” Well, we knew that we could get out of the group when he saw the group. Happened as it happened. At the tournament we practiced well before the tournament was not very good. Well, everything turned out well in the end. […]

Sanya [NoFear] before the game [with] said, “We at VP do not win – they’re very strong.” And I said, “Shut up, everything will be fine”.

Whether preparing players mentally

“Well, I just communicate with boys. […] Well, Yes, there, we are there yelling and everything, but guys, in principle, experienced. teams coach, I understand: if the kids are young, then in some situations it may not cope. And then the more experienced guys, they are, it’s easier for me. and they ignored me “.

Preparation for the opponent

“Usually we look before the matches that take rivals.” Then we sit an hour the day before the match, respecive against each other, different options. Can sit for an hour or two and [to try] different options: if fp [the first peak ], with sp [second peak], and the best options we leave. […]

Here, for example, against VP we’re not really prepared. We wanted to win OG … And as if we were not prepared at all. Out on the grass, sat for 20 minutes, came to Sanya and said, “You need to touch the Miracle” – he tapped the Miracle, said, “all right, now we win” – and we won. […] And when we won against Mineski, Sanya also touched the Miracle – well, just. And when it is not touched, we lost a couple of matches. “

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How did the team

“I used to coach M19, and we test Nofire, Iceberg poigryval, and Lech [nongrata] was there. […] In short, I was familiar from last time, and then Sasha said, “Come with us then, let’s go play.” So it all happened by accident. “

FlyToMoon took at the Epicenter of 3rd place. The team earned 110 million dollars and scored 675 points.

You got who Flytomoon played for Na’vi?


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