Scientists took video of unknown sea creature

An unknown creature living in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, experts argue that it may be, says National Geographic.

Scientists took video of unknown sea creature

Video: YouTube / oceanexplorergov

A creature with a Burgundy red body at the same time squid and Nautilus. Tentacles twisted and bristling in all directions. The animal was filmed from different angles.

Scientists took video of unknown sea creature

To say anything definite about the nature of marine life. It is equally as squid, took an unusual position, and the representative of a new, hitherto unknown species of sea creatures. According to the researchers, the unusual form of the creatures may be a consequence of fear, which is made of a boat of researchers, resulting in the creation of triggering a defense mechanism.

Experts plan to conduct a search for the unknown in the dark, like other luminous beings.

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