Scientists told how to recognize the Land of descendants of aliens

Scientists told how to recognize the Land of descendants of aliens

The descendants of aliens walking among us, earthlings, but we do not suspect. But now scientists have learned how to identify them. It’s simple: the descendants of aliens are a specific group of blood.

Earthlings first, second, third or fourth group of blood. They can have either a positive or negative RH factors. This classification was created in the mid 20th century and is still used in modern medicine.

As reported "Russian dialogue", 85% of people a positive rhesus factor, and the rest, most likely are the descendants of aliens.

Academic Lara Starr believes that if all humans descended from apes, homo sapiens would be the same blood type.

According to the researcher, the nature of a person depends on a negative RH factor. Such people are more intelligent, they have a low body temperature and high pressure, sensitive vision.

Women inoplanetyanki can’t have a baby from a man with RH-positive type, because the blood with negative RH-factor antibodies accumulates and kills the child.

Recently near the International space station was discovered an unidentified flying object. The video appeared on YouTube.

Perhaps that was filmed alien spacecraft.

Judging by the video, something strange spat out a ball of light, he quickly approached the space station.

By the way, a Colorado woman saw not so long ago, rainbow UFO. The video is already interested ufologists.

Of Internet users hit two strange clouds, one above the other. Between them a rainbow, and along the edges of the cloud — iridescent glow.

And in March, a UFO appeared in the skies over Arizona. He saw the pilots of civil aircraft Airbus A321 and a Learjet.

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In UFO you can believe or not believe, but the fact that the lie detectors confirmed the statements of four of the famous astronauts. Polygraph tests showed that their evidence of the existence of UFOs is true. Among them buzz Aldrin, travelled with Neil Armstrong on the moon on Board "Apollo 11".

According to the Institute of bioacoustics biology in Albany, Ohio, the voices of the astronauts explored the latest technology in laboratory conditions.

According to buzz Aldrin, he met a UFO on the way to the moon and could not explain it logiski: "Was the object that was close enough it was possible to observe – like L-shaped". Mitchell of Apollo 14 claimed to have seen many UFOs, and Cooper described the pursuit of the group of unknown objects.


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