Scientists: “tectonic bomb” under San Francisco will soon explode

Scientists: "tectonic bomb" under San Francisco will soon explode

Scientists have warned "a tectonic time bomb" that is in the Bay area of San Francisco.

According to geologists, the length of the fault that is in the earth’s crust in the Bay area San Francisco, greater than 80 kilometers. In a hazardous area, now live more than 2 million people.

Scientists say that in the event of an earthquake up to 7 points killed hundreds of people. The situation will worsen pipelines that will explode and cause large-scale fires. They destroy thousands of homes.

According to the U.S. Geological survey David Schwartzman, earthquakes happen on the Hayward every 150-160 years, and the last time the tremors with a capacity of 6 points was recorded on the fault in 1868. Thus, the risk of an accident in the near future is extremely high.

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