Scientists laugh at stock photos of “scientists”

Scientists laugh at stock photos of "scientists"

Science is when people in white coats look closely at test tubes with colored liquids, listen to the roots of plants with a stethoscope, point a finger at the starry sky, drink from laboratory glassware and in large groups (again in white coats) gather in cabinets to look at the chicken . At least that kind of scientists look at stock photos. On Twitter, the flashmob is gaining momentum #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob (bad stock photos about my work). The auditors, programmers and realtors are also involved, but the most ridiculous representation in the world of stock photos is from scientists, so we are laying out a selection of tweets with ironic signatures of real scientists.

Flashmob started with Nicole Paulk, a biochemist at the University of California, San Francisco. She made a presentation and looked for stock photos illustrating her work. Instead of what she was looking for, Polk found a picture of a man in a white coat, with obvious suspicion of looking at a piece of dry ice. “No person on the planet, even a scientist who studies the properties of dry ice, will do so,” she says. Polk published a photo on Twitter. Other scientists began to look for themselves in photoshoots. The chemist and blogger Yvette d’Entremont came up with the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob hashtag, and it started:

“So my days pass: I laugh at DNA models that twist in the wrong direction”

“The caption to this photo reads:” A mad scientist yells at a laboratory mouse after a failed experiment. “

“The ecologist is lying in a dirty puddle”

“I also inject the plants, I study the seeds”

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“We do not taste the contents of Petri dishes, but on the tables we do not grow plants”

“Yes, I often stand here like this beside a blatantly unprofessional hand-held telescope, in a suit and in an unnecessary lab coat, in goggles, and point a finger at the sky – well, I just do it all the time.”

“I’m a phytopathologist, and I’ll never forget how I put my first diagnosis. There is in this something of magic – to listen to the roots … “

“Most climatologists are sixty meters tall, and we often throw thunderstorms on vacationers. No complaints about this picture. “

Well, the classic with a soldering iron:


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