Scientists have found that healthier: being married or remain a bachelor?

Scientists have found out what kind of life – married or not – healthier.

Allow the well-known dispute between bachelors and family took a group of scientists led by Dr. Stephanie Chiappa from the University of Queensland (Australia). To understand the effect of marital status on our everyday habits (depends on how healthy a life we lead) is very difficult. Because throughout life we often move from one category to another: in other words get married, then divorced, trying to have an affair, and then appreciate the pleasures of life alone… However, according to estimates of Australian scientists in developed countries on average 20 to 40 percent of the adult population are single people. To have a full picture of Stephanie and her colleagues analyzed data on health and family status 15 thousand inhabitants of Queensland that in the period from 2005 to 2014, passed the annual medical examination and was told pollsters about the circumstances of his personal life. The average age of study participants was 52.9 years. While 74 per cent of volunteers were in relationships, 26 percent were single.

Who won: married men or bachelors? Scientists have not come to a consensus. It turned out that singles often lean on alcohol and fast food, in addition, there are more smokers. Scientists have attributed this due to the costs of higher levels of stress, that bachelors. And what about the married people? We must pay tribute, they are rarely applied to the bottle. According to researchers, social support from partner, eliminates the need too often to take 40-degree “pain”.

However, once in a comfort zone, romantic couples are faced with other dangers. Unlike individuals, they are much faster gaining weight. For example, in the first year of marriage, the couple added an average of 1.8 – 2.2 kg. This is because eating together is one of the key elements of the relationship. Although married citizens eat more healthy and varied diet, the scientists noted their desire to make a cult out of food. Furthermore, they tend to adopt harmful eating habits each other. So it became clear that the bad example of their husbands is detrimental to wives, making the beautiful ladies to eat more meat and fatty foods.

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– We have another interesting explanation of this phenomenon associated with the theory of the marriage market, says Stephanie Chiappa. – The fact that unmarried people are more motivated to maintain a slim figure to attract the attention of potential partners. However, after marriage or cohabitation reason to limit yourself to food becomes much less.

It is worth noting that disabled people have markedly reduced physical activity and successfully replace it with a joint watching TV. According to the study, Romeo and Juliet, crash before the “blue screen” on average, more than 14 hours a week. Therefore, the lovers are cruelly deceived into believing that by linking their fates together, they will love each other day to fly. Nothing like: you will eat in the morning until the evening!


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