Scientists have created contact lenses, “shooting” with a laser

Scientists have created contact lenses, "shooting" with a laserKnow-how can be used in security systems for reliable identification

If you deep down feel like a superhero, then this thing is simply vital for you. Scientists of St. Andrews University (Scotland) have created a membrane that can radiate narrow beam of light – that is, a laser. The thickness of a flexible miracle film based on organic semiconductors is one thousandth of a millimeter. The new laser approaches the fundamental limits of specific gravity and thickness. Unique properties of the membrane allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, if such a film is applied to banknotes, then it will be impossible to forge them.

Since it is very difficult to forge a laser with exactly the same wavelength, the lead author of the study, physicist Malta Gater, says. Know-how can be used in security systems for reliable identification. The film generates a weak laser beam with a power of one nanowat (this is one billionth of a watt), it’s not enough to create visible light, but this beam is easily recognized by the readers. In addition, this radiation is safe for the human eye. The Scottish physicists conducted relevant experiments using the cow’s eye as a test simulator and were satisfied with the results.

It is not yet known whether this opening will give the opportunity to destroy the combat equipment of a probable enemy by the movement of the eyes. However, scientists talk about the prospects of commercial use of such technologies in the creation of flexible displays and on-site sensors.

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