Russian advertisers cheated Google’s verification systems

Russian advertisers cheated Google's verification systemsYandex.Direct

Domestic advertisers managed to deceive the complex system of Google. The fact is that they managed to post on the resource advertising, officially banned in the Russian Federation.

Representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation several days ago demanded that the US corporation no longer post advertising for the Vulkan network casino on Russian resources. Google employees agreed with the claims, explaining this by fraud on the part of Russian partners who applied for ads for the sale of bath accessories, but as a result, they advertised the gambling establishment.

Russian advertisers avoided filtering both automatic and manual. It is noteworthy that if you access a page from a foreign IP, you can see one content, if the Russian one is completely different.

Earlier it was reported that Google began blocking the autoplay of video in the version of Chrome 66.

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