Rosstandart approved the standard for mobile apps

Rosstandart approved the provisional requirements for mobile applications in Russia, which contains 87 requirements for their functionality, including the availability of free examination for paid programs. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to the text of the final version of the document.

The document contains requirements for the quality of mobile apps: performance, functionality, ease of use and security. Deputy Roskoshestvo Ilya Loev noted that earlier in Russia was not state standards in the field of mobile applications, and developers focused on guideline corporations, in particular, Google and Apple.

In the description of the standard noted, the application must inform users what information it has access to by far have a clear privacy policy. In addition, it is emphasized that all data should be stored on the territory of Russia.

The standard also requires that the application reported the use of user data for advertising purposes. Mobile applications must be updated at least once a year, to respond promptly to the questions and not have Intrusive advertising.

Paid apps should provide a free trial period.

Specified in the standard paragraphs are Advisory, not mandatory. Now the document is considered preliminary and will take effect October 1, and after three year the standard will get a permanent status of “GOST R”.

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