Roskomnadzor: the Internet belongs FSB

Roskomnadzor: the Internet belongs FSB

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov was shown in the plot of the Telegram of the program “Vesti of the week with Dmitri Kiselev”. He said a rather interesting thing, which explains why the Agency is behaving in the Internet so treacherous.

According to Zharova, “the Internet is a tenement building, inhabited by different people, including the terrorists,” and therefore “the owner of this house requires the keys to all the apartments.”

Recall that the Telegram refused to give the FSB the keys to decrypt user messages, which the court ordered Roskomnadzor to ban it in Russia. For the week that has passed since the beginning of the lock in the blacklist got about 20 million IP addresses Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Hetzner, which caused disruption to many websites and services.

Pavel Durov stated, “no developed country does not block instant messengers for refusal to give security services encryption keys”. In his opinion, “once a service receives an opportunity uncontrolledly to monitor the personal correspondence of citizens, very soon this access is in the hands of third parties — givers, hackers, agents of other States”.

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