Roskomnadzor confirmed – not only Telegram suffered from the agency’s actions, but also other companies

Roskomnadzor confirmed - not only Telegram suffered from the agency's actions, but also other companies

For almost a month Roskomnadzor has been trying to block access to the messenger Telegram , basically only bringing inconvenience to the Russian network users.

Many still can not access the mass of services, among which PlayStation Network, and games like Fortnite and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Initially, the agency denied any statements about possible problems of “good services” because of their own actions, but Interfax reports that ILV is already negotiating with the affected companies.

The inspections showed that the abnormal work of the 400 resources indicated in these 1,300 appeals was in one way or another connected with the measures taken by Roskomnadzor and telecom operators to implement the court’s decision on Telegram.

Now Roskomnadzor together with the Regional Public Center for Internet Technologies (ROCIT) is looking for a local solution to the problem that has arisen, so that the affected companies can continue their activities.

On May 7, Interfax received a message from the head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov, who told about 46 thousand complaints about the erroneous blocking of Internet addresses, but he himself questioned the veracity of these statements.

I do not really understand what “Runet under attack” is. There are reports that in the framework of blocking addresses that are not related to the organizer of information dissemination are blocked, but are related to other resources. But these appeals must be considered individually.

It is not yet known how quickly the agency’s work will allow Russian users to return to their Internet routine. Is the same Sony Still does not give detailed comments about the problems PlayStation Network, despite the protracted nature of the incident. But the recognition of problems by Roskomnadzor is, perhaps, the first step towards solving the difficulties that have arisen.


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