RodjER: “I was amused:” If not on the point, then bike. ” Well, what about me? “

RodjER: "I was amused:" If not on the point, then bike. " Well, what about me? "

Support Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan told how different JotM, XBOCT and ArtStyle are, about the reasons for the defeat in the first game with Pain, and about what the prize money will spend on.

About Jothma, Tail and Artstyle

“Zhotm’s contribution as a coach was not very big, since he did not deal with the most important thing in the team – team building. He said that he does not want, can not, or it is too difficult for him to do it. We really had difficulties with this, we had to hire a psychologist, sit together, deal with this. I, too, was the initiator, so that we all agreed. JotM helped with peaks, there were ideas like Apparatus at the first peak and all that. Well, on TI, he shut himself in the room for an hour or two, then offered ideas, we listened to them and after the first peaks, we built the game according to the situation.

XBOCT is exactly the opposite – it helps solve problems within the team more. Well, on the game: if he sees that some hero is not working well, and we continue to take, he says: “Give it up, it does not go.” And so he gives freedom to the team to play their game.

The coach first of all should follow the team building in the DotA to ensure that everything was good inside the team, there was a pleasant atmosphere. ArtStyle is very good at this. He also watches public and other games, offers some new heroes. There is a person’s interest in the game. “

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About the first map against Pain

“We had to win, we had a big advantage. Lehu was not listened to somewhere, somewhere I went there for a bike. I was amazed: “If not on a point, then bike.” Well, what am I? We gave the game ourselves: underestimated the opponent, and it auknulos. Well, then confidently won. “

About the prize money

“First of all, I want to buy an apartment for my parents. And then I will continue to think about how to dispose of them. While I have first of all the game, The International, I do not think about money so much. “

About Mercedes

“I already tried to order a Mercedes, but there are difficulties with the production of the particular model that I want, and the color. If I order, the car will be at least by the summer, it will be ready for three months. I chose Mercedes-Benz E300, but it is no longer produced. They say you need something else. “

RodjER: "I was amused:" If not on the point, then bike. " Well, what about me? "

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